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BOGUM Ambiente Criativo is an initiative developed by multidisciplinary artists, interested in the production, research and experimentation of poetics aimed at new technologies and contemporaneity. The collective works in the field of performing arts, audiovisual, photography, music and in the technologies of the show, with specialties in production, coordination and technical consultancy, electrical projects, scenic lighting, solutions in equipment and provision of related services.

The group is a resident of Casa Preta Espaço de Cultura , a century-old mansion located in the old center of Salvador, occupied by artistic groups and other cultural entities, with a focus on promoting the independent artistic-cultural scene, with over ten years of experience.

Where does the name BOGUM come from?

According to historians, it was in the place where today the Terreiro do Bogum or Zoogodô Bogum Malê Rundó is located, in Ladeira do Bogum, former Manoel do Bonfim, in the neighborhood of Engenho Velho da Federação , in Salvador , Bahia , Brazil, that Joaquim Jêje, hero from the Malian slave insurrection movement, he left the bogum (chest) where the donations that allowed the famous Malês Uprising that took place in Salvador in January 1835 were . These slaves knew how to read and write in Arabic , had great organizational and articulation power and intended to found an "African kingdom" in Brazilian lands, but they were betrayed and the "revolution" was discovered.

The term "bogum" can be explained by the Gun dialect (dialect of the Fon people with many elements of Yoruba ), spoken in the Porto Novo region of Benin , meaning "place (igbo) of the fon (gun)".

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