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Multi Planejamento Cultural

Multi Planejamento Cultural has been operating in the creative business in Bahia for 10 years in the development, management and production of projects and initiatives in various artistic languages ​​(performing arts, music, visual arts, literature and audiovisual). The success of these actions has effectively contributed to the growth of Bahia and Brazil cultural production and to social development through culture. The producer is responsible for projects such as Summer Luiz Caldas, Music for Play, Music Bahia Circuit, Festival of Illustration and Literature among others.

Casa Preta Espaço de Cultura

Casa Preta Espaço de Cultura is a four-story house from the 1920s, so named throughout the neighborhood because of its façade, which has been darkened over the years. Steeped in history in the woods, wide walls and windows that mark its architecture, Casa Preta has consolidated itself as an alternative cultural space in the center of Salvador, in continuous activity for 10 years. The space carries out about 200 activities a year, including musical presentations, theater, dance, seminars, debates and training workshops.

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